Completed 2016

BAR Studio completed a subtle renovation of Grand Hyatt Seoul’s impressive lobby, bringing a new functionality and a contemporary update to the spaces.

Connected to the lobby, 322 Sowol-Ro is an engaging dining concept that consists of three restaurants with distinct personalities and cuisines.

The design of the individual components and the connecting spaces, coupled with the diversity of F&B offerings, brings to mind a cluster of small, family-run restaurants – such as you would find in the alley-ways of Seoul.

Underscoring this ‘alley’ feel is the common entry space for the restaurants – a street-market style flower shop. From this common space each of the three restaurants, Kauri Sushi Bar, Steak House and Teppan, have an individual design anchored by an open kitchen that undertakes the majority of food preparation (supported by a communal back of house kitchen). 

These open kitchens impart personality and drama to the spaces, creating the heart of each restaurant. The palette of materials and furnishings vary between each restaurant concept resulting in a vibrant mix of spaces and restaurant concepts that sleeve comfortably into Grand Hyatt Seoul while bringing a new dynamic to the hotel.

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