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BAR Studio believes that to create the best hotel design there must be a holistic approach to the strategy for all components of the project.

This approach should promote diversity of function, activity and style within an overall vision that sequences spaces to choreograph an exceptional guest experience.

It must also focus on careful interplay of architecture and interior design, including landscape, public and private spaces, the intimate and urban – all within a unified overall development.

We have extensive experience in developing strong conceptual master plans that synthesise the complexities and opportunities of context.

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BAR Studio’s directors’ studies in architecture are reflected in our strong understanding of the built form.

We use this understanding to develop the key spatial design upon which to build our interiors, and also to develop strong concepts for built forms throughout a project.

We have developed master concepts, designed stand-alone buildings and worked on detailed resolutions of exterior elements.

We rely on our knowledge of architecture to inform our designs, creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional at all scales and levels of resolution.



BAR Studio’s extensive experience in high-end hospitality projects has provided us with particular insight into hotel operations, which translates into effective operational planning. 

This key strength means we understand the importance and nuance of operator requirements in hotel design and as a result we have developed great relationships with many hotel operators. 

We create beautiful spaces while maximising operational efficiencies, producing hospitality projects that provide exceptional outcomes for the guest, operator and owner alike.

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Interior design is at the core of BAR Studio’s practice. Our interiors are shaped by the development of a strong architectural base and strong conceptual story originating from the project context and site, establishing a unique sense of place.

Using this understanding of place we develop complete interior proposals and custom designs to create distinctive aesthetic outcomes.

The essence of our spaces, their spirit and soul, are all-important. We believe our projects impress guests not only on their first visit, but with each return visit, surprising and inspiring through their refinement, depth and substance.



Successful food and beverage (F&B) design requires specialist knowledge. BAR Studio’s work with numerous hotel operators and across diverse project typologies has provided us with extensive experience in F&B design and has resulted in a portfolio of highly successful F&B projects.

This experience encompasses an overall understanding of F&B integration into hotel design, standalone “destination” restaurants and bars, flexible all-day dining workhorses that accommodate multiple modes of operation and exclusive private dining rooms.

Our expertise in F&B design ensures successful commercial and operational outcomes for both owner and operator.

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PARK SUITE (DELUXE) - 200223 PHN C1894.jpg


BAR Studio’s furniture designers selectively create unique designs for furniture pieces across our hospitality projects, enabling BAR’s clients to access custom designs through contract fabricators.

Custom-designed furniture allows us to carefully control the look and feel of these pieces – ensuring they enhance and align with the aesthetic intentions of our interior designs. 

Most importantly it allows for the necessary degree of control over the critical dimensions and materiality of pieces in order to underpin their operational suitability; a vital consideration for hospitality design.


Culture, place and local traditions resonate throughout BAR Studio’s projects via the selective integration of custom designed artisanal elements into our interiors.

Working in collaboration with client-appointed artists, or designing in-house, these distinctive artisanal elements and custom touch-points blur the boundaries between the building fabric and art - bringing material finishes and surfaces to life.

Our FF&E and technical teams work to realise the design intent of these artisanal elements and incorporate them into projects to bring a unique signature to every BAR Studio design.

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Bar Studio The Legacy House-105.jpg


Lighting design is integral to the success of any interior design project.

Creating a lighting concept begins with enhancing the interior design and emphasising its components.

A truly great lighting design also creates another layer to the visual experience, with lighting that has its own life and language. Establishing the perfect dialogue between lighting and interior design creates a true work of art.

Our lighting team plays an essential role in the success of BAR Studio’s designs; developing a lighting language that enhances the interior design and brings another layer of meaning to our projects.


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